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The AZ Pie Guys

What happens when a few mates from Australia and New Zealand get together for a few beers and a feed? They form the AZ Pie Guys – Australian Meat Pie Company of course!

Chris, Graham, Morgan and Paul found themselves in this exact predicament in 2020 when they were craving an authentic Australian Meat Pie but could not find one anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona. This led them to searching far and wide, sampling meat pies and sausage rolls from bakeries across the country until they found, Aussie Pies & Sausages in Los Angles run by none other than Jay Jay Wolfpie. 

His pies were second to none however, shipping them from Los Angles to Phoenix came at the cost of a pretty penny. So after a few more beers, this time with Jay Jay Wolfpie included, the guys brokered the greatest meat pie distribution deal east of the Great Barrier Reef. We now make regular trips to Los Angles to pick up fresh product from Jay Jay and store them locally ready to be delivered to you without having to pay a small fortune for overnight shipping.

Delivering to Phoenix Metro Weekly

Tucson & Flagstaff by request

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