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Our Story

Two Aussies and a Kiwi walk into a bar – and after months of procrastination – the result is www.azpieguys.com.

Paul Armbruster, Morgan Taylor, and Graham Rodgers all met in Arizona after moving from Australia and New Zealand and have known each other for several years. Like everyone from down under we love a good old BBQ, don’t mind a beer, but more importantly, we love a good pie.

After finding it difficult to source a decent pie in the valley, we decided it was time to take action and finally sat Jay Jay Wolfpie of aussiepiesandsausages.com down for some beers to talk business. What resulted was a distribution deal for Arizona for his already thriving Australian style bakery based out Los Angles California.

Jay Jay as you may already know is a pretty decent bloke despite being a dye hard Collingwood fan, but we won’t hold that against him. He takes pride in all of his products and is determined to deliver the freshest and highest quality product to his customers.

How It Works

Jay Jay bakes the goods and we take care of the delivery! It’s that simple!

We plan to make runs out to California every 4-6 weeks depending on demand and will carry a selection of classic pies and sausage rolls on hand for immediate delivery. We offer the full menu listed on aussiepiesandsausages.com (if you don’t see it on our site message us and we will sort it out!) but will deliver those speciality items after we get back from each run. 

Please keep in mind this is our hobby – each of us have a day job. Our goal is get you what you want when you want it but please understand that there will be a wait time on all specialty items. As we grow, and better understand what you all want, we will endeavor to grow the options we keep in stock.

Paul Armbruster, Morgan Taylor, Graham Rodgers

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